The Light of a Bottle of Intelligent Wine.



Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to Wine” was the source of this blog’s title. The possibilities of life to chase flows of ups and downs, with an irresistible urge to reach the perfect equilibrium, haunts our very essence. The humanism in our visions of perfection is so peculiar, and, as I see it, frankly impossible– considering the constant wonder and change that we experience every second of our waking and dreaming lives.   wine2_fullThe source of this blog is the brimming curve: the point at which things spill over… Lines, waves, trends, ellipses, emotions, slopes… The way the world works is always found at some brim or curvature of a glass, exactly where the spillovers of what we can and cannot predict are found. 

Economics, development, human nature, mind, heart, culture, and the simple action of being alive will all be discussed in this blog. Finding a way to connect these elements is reality. Crises, war, passion, pain, hunger, and our capacities to understand them; this is what the unbounded waves of life bring us. We can choose to see them periodically barrel in and wash away, or we can run out, splash around, and try to grasp the liquid that wraps around our bodies and finds its way through our fingertips.


As for the wine, Pablo Neruda embodies it as a desirable woman–the beauty in her curves, the spirits of her hair, the illumination of love, passion, and a wild rumble in his soul. Maybe in this effort we, too, can find ways to embrace the world that “illuminate our senses, the earthly splendor of life.”



2 responses to “The Light of a Bottle of Intelligent Wine.

  1. i like your pictures.
    that’s all i understand at the moment. will go back and actually read it now.

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