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Random Sunday Brunch Aftermath Thoughts.

It was a disastrous day. Completely beautiful in nature and the nightmare of a slaving waitress at one of the most popular restaurants in Washington.

Current Facebook Status:

Awesome day. Round of applause. Did you feed your American baby gut enough waffles today sir or would you like to donate the rest to feed all of Africa? Diet Coke? Good choice. You must be watching your figure. 25 separate checks? Nooooo PROBLEM.


I began walking home, feet swelled and blistered, strength dwindling and all mental capacities obliterated. Just as I began to think all hope was lost for any contentment for the rest of my day, I found a man holding a baby puppy to his face in his front yard. The puppy was teething and several people stopped to goo goo all over him. So did I!

After that I began to think, in this economy, as bad as it’s making our lives miserable–perhaps like the miserable feeling I had coming out of work today– I wonder how the puppy market is doing. It was the one thing that gave me a genuine smile today after the painful drag of trying to make money.

I looked up the numbers, and just as I had hoped, the puppy market is UP! This year, in 2009, the numbers have increased and more adoptions are taking place! Shelters are accrediting it to new marketing techniques by shelters. I, however, believe that depressed people need something to come home to that makes them forget about their long day.  Here’s a quote from

The Austin Humane Society, in Austin, Texas, has also benefited from thinking outside the box. The city shelter has seen a 12 percent increase in adoptions over the past year, says Marketing Director Lisa Starr.

“We’ve increased from 2007 to 2008 and 2009 is looking very good as well,” Starr told ZT Pet News.

Last month, the shelter facilitated around 300 adoptions, nearly 30 more than it did in January 2008..


The Friendship Animal Protective League, in Elyria, Ohio, doesn’t have a major metropolitan area to fall back on, like the Austin and Tallahassee shelters do. Yet it still continues to maintain a “steady rate of adoptions,” according to shelter supervisor Denise Willis. 

I’m kind of too tired to look up overall statistics including breeders, but I look up expenditures overall, and expenditures are estimated higher, even with the glooming economy and deflation:

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

Year                 Billion

2009                 $45.4 Est.

2008                 $43.2

2007                 $41.2
2006                 $38.5 
2005                 $36.3
2004                 $34.4
2003                 $32.4
2002                 $29.5
2001                 $28.5
1998                 $23
1996                 $21
1994                 $17

(The following spending statistics are gathered by APPA from various market reseach sources and are not included in the organization’s bi-annual National Pet Owners Survey.)    

I think I’m on to something here.

In a nutshell, depressed people and families need friends.

Let me know what you think…puppy