Know the Author

vmadrizVirginia Shaffer is but a young, lowly undergraduate student with a free spirit and a constant need to fix something. She’s bad with TV wires, electrical outlets, and car engines, but she can explain in what ways they keep people employed, the fascinations of energy, and how the world can make it all more efficient. 

She is an International Economic Relations Major, with minors in Asian Studies, European Studies, and Economics. She speaks Spanish and is working on Chinese, and volunteers as a Latin tutor on the weekends. Currently she is a freelance writer, which pays her internet bill so that she may continue to write.

She has a knack for books–no set genre in particular. She loves to travel, and lives her life accordingly. “Your work is to discover your world and then with all of your heart give yourself to it”- Buddha.


Culture, especially language, fascinates her. Music is something she needs around her at all times. She grew up playing the piano, and later the drums. Photography, European Soccer, politics, yoga, and cooking are also some favorites. In her spare time she thinks about philosophy, and often drives people mad when she gets lost in it all. Hence, why she needs a blog. Now everyone can click her on and off with a mouse button. 

100_2756Cafés are her favorite places to go, especially in Adams Morgan, DC, where she currently lives, works, and studies. You can also find her jogging up and down Florida Ave. on random weekdays, taste testing all the cheeses at Wholefoods,  blissfully soaking in the sounds of live jazz, or instigating random debates at underground bars, restaurants, and lounges scattered throughout the city. She’s a thinker, not a fighter… She doesn’t know everything and she’ll gladly admit it to you. But she loves people with opinions, and has a mind of her own, too. 

Please contact her from her email, if you have any comments or want to start a good conversation.


One response to “Know the Author

  1. i love your free thinking ways and creativity. i can’t believe you grew up in our house and turned out this way. i look forward to reading your blog and finding out how your mind ticks.
    l- mom

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